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Thursday the 12th is bad for your health. Tomorrow is worse. Predicting the curse. What does it all mean?
A bloody humorous slice of entertainment variety, peppered with social and anti-social commentary.

Apr 26, 2020

Frank "El Cid" Monica makes his debut on the podcast joining Tina Q, the lovely Miss Elizabeth, Shemp Charmin the Chimp, and Large. Live from the Maestro's!

Apr 21, 2020

Celebrating the Harvest, in quarantine...without Guy?? 💤

Special thanks to EP Wolfe for the music!

Apr 19, 2020

Post-Micro Needling with actress/singer Kaitlyn O'Shea, Artist Joseph Risitano, the lovely Miss Elizabeth, Charmin and a Large Peeshe. Special visit by Gene & Patrice!

To be continued... 💦

Apr 11, 2020

When was Jesus really born, crucified and resurrected?

Aldo Nova joins us from his garage workshop in California for a special ? Good Friday edition of the podcast. Also featuring the lovely Miss Elizabeth and Freshly Shemp.

#AloneTogether #WeAreOne