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Thursday the 12th is bad for your health. Tomorrow is worse. Predicting the curse. What does it all mean?
A bloody humorous slice of entertainment variety, peppered with social and anti-social commentary.

Feb 28, 2021

Recorded 24/10/20. That's for you, Large.

Honorable mentions to the owner creators of The Usual Suspects, Sea of Love, the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, House of 1000 Corpses et al. Special thanks to Jason Bieler for the intro.

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Feb 25, 2021

So there's this new old song I love! And Ted Yudain is one of the best actors Large and I have ever seen act live. Special acknowledgements to the owner creators behind Scarface and Donnie Brasco.

Dig it! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Feb 19, 2021

The Masotti's have a birthday tradition. We sing the craziest version of "Happy Birthday" you've ever heard. Now you get to hear it, in honor of my father.

Join me and some of my family for a small slice of what I called Big Rich's Birthday Zoomer!

Richard J. Masotti - 2/18/47

Feb 17, 2021

Here's a new idea. Drink every time *someone* exclaims that he is going to Crystal Lake Tours with us! Special mentions: Kane Hodder, Queen, Jason Bieler, and Press Your Luck. Recorded in October 2020.

Feb 16, 2021

From our January 28, 2021 interview.